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Proclaim the love of Jesus – It’s not really optional!

As we begin to glimpse the end of our current liturgical year, our Sunday lessons continue to urge us to not only recognize Jesus in our own lives, but figure out ways in which we exhibit Jesus’ life in our own. We are building up to that moment when we recognize that Christ Jesus is truly Christ the King.  May we learn something each week that helps us know Jesus in a more profound way and perhaps move us to share that with others.

Following, you will find a brief “teaser” of what the various Sunday sermons will have as a focus.


Sunday, September 30

Bearers of the Name of Christ, how do you live? How are you doing with prayer, service, love, devotion?


Sunday, October 7

Little Children, as true emissaries of the Kingdom of God, seeing Jesus with new eyes loving Jesus with new hearts is possible for each of us . . . if we are only willing to see, hear, and be changed.

Sunday, October 14

Oh no! Amos again! And it gets better: a wealthy man challenges Jesus and the word of God is explained as a two-edged sword.  The Gospel of Peace that confronts and convicts us.

Sunday, October 21

Be wise and bold in your asking because Jesus looks for a bold response.

Sunday, October 28

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain".....Avoiding distractions to our faith


Wednesday, October 31, All Hallows’ Eve/All Souls

That great “getting’ up morning”.  It’s much more than a song of hope – it’s words and a promise to live by.


Sunday, November 4 (All Saints’ Sunday)

Take away the stone! – O, Happy Day.  Yes, you are one two.

Sound Recordings of Sunday Sermons

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