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Sunday School

Sunday School is very important in the life of our children.  As Christians, we are invited and encouraged to pass on the faith we have received.  This instruction begins at an early age and continues for a life time.

At Ware, the purpose of Sunday School is to instruct our children and youth about the traditions of the faith: our scriptures, our Book of Common Prayer, our history.  This is accomplished using a variety of resources from established curricula to programs designed by our wonderful teachers and parent volunteers. 

Another purpose of Sunday School at Ware is to equip our children and youth to be excited about living out our faith in the world.  This is accomplished through a variety of activities ranging from mission and outreach projects to maintaining a butterfly garden to participating in days of service sponsored by the Diocese of Virginia and other groups.

Our hope and prayer is that with these two central purposes, our children and youth will grow into adults who are well-versed in the Christian tradition, knowing the stories that define us, and understanding clearly and participating fully in living a life of service to others and self.