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Congo Water Assistance Drive


Asante Sana!

On July 1, thanks to the combined generosity of the Abingdon, Ware and Kingston congregations over $1,000 was raised for the water project in a pigmy community in eastern Congo (in the Diocese of Goma). This contribution will not only provide resources to build rain water access for their community but has also met the limit for an anonymous matching gift of $1,000. With this combined amount, the project can be completed.

Water close to home will bring the following advantages to their lives:

  1. Clean water
  2. Time for women and girls to work or study rather than travel long distances to collect water.
  3. Less opportunity for women and girls to be raped on their way to distant water sources.

I can’t thank you enough for your response to my request. The pygmies are the “untouchables” of the Congo and seldom receive fair treatment much less special gifts. This spectacular gift of water will bring increased health and safety for them. And we did it!

Please pray for this pygmy community, for their survival and safety. I have the feeling they’ll be praying for us too.

Asante Sana (Thank you very much)

Kathy Klein (Abingdon)



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