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Spring Clean Up Day 2015


Spring 2015 Clean-Up Day  


Come to Ware on Saturday, March 14 at 8:30 a.m. when we will be cleaning up, fixing up, and sprucing up inside, outside, and all around the church.  


Junior Warden Henry Moncure is organizing the projects on the church grounds, and will have a variety of jobs for participants of all ages, interests and skill levels.  Bring lawn and garden tools if you like to work outside, or just come with a willing pair of hands.  


For the third consecutive year, we will also be teaming up with Gloucester’s Clean Community Committee to participate in their Clean Gloucester Day project on the same morning.  Participants in this part of the cleanup will be donning stylish orange safety vests and picking up litter from along Route 14 in front of the church, between Routes 604 and 605.  We want to be good stewards of creation and good neighbors in our community.  


Thank you in advance for sharing your time and talents on March 14!  Tasks are listed below.  



  1. Playground Clean Up - sand in the box, inspection of the toys etc.  Fix storage building.  

  1. Clean up kitchen.  

  1. Change furnace filters.  

  1. Clean doors; clean ceiling and light at Office end.  

  1. Clean leaves from gutters at Office end.  

  1. If possible, cut up and remove large log at South end.  



  1. Cleanup loose brush around periphery and haul to burn pile.  

  1. Pick up loose tree limbs.  

  1. Trim as directed by Cemetery Committee.  



  1. Adjust/replace floodlights.  

  1. Cleanup of altar guild and robing areas.  

  1. Clean leaves from drain troughs along North and South sides.  

  1. General spruce-up.  

  1. Wash/clean North, South, and West doors.  

  1. Change furnace filters.  



        1. Check fixtures, clean glass, and replace light bulbs.  



  1. Police trash between highway and church property and in the parking lot and playground.  

  1. Take any piles of brush from cemetery and around parking lot and parish house to burn pile.

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