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Seeking Silence in a Noisy World


Meditation for the First Sunday in Lent

During the Sundays in Lent, you are invited to spend five minutes before the beginning of each service in quiet prayer, reflection, and meditation.  The following material is offered to assist those who may desire an aid.  This time is time apart for you to center yourself and draw near to God. 



In the Biblical sense, wilderness literally means “an uncultivated, or unpopulated place”.  Figuratively, wilderness means “a barren, solitary place that also provides needed quiet”. This notion of needed quiet is interesting.  “Need” may be defined as something “required because it is essential”.  How often do you think of quiet as essential – not just something wanted (as a luxury).

Today, we remember the Temptation of Jesus by the devil.  In Matthew, we read of how Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert to be tempted.  But it was only after having been in the desert for 40 Days that the devil began his work.  On one hand, Jesus was very exhausted and tired from his time of fasting and separation; on the other hand, Jesus had had 40 days to prepare – and he was more than prepared.  Jesus’ time in “needed quiet” helped him prepare to meet the greatest challenges of this world – the temptations of Satan.

When have your truly needed quiet in your life? 

Where did you find this needed quiet?

Do you permit yourself time for needed quiet?

How can you build more needed quiet into your life?

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