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Rules and Regulations


The earliest recorded interment in the Ware Church Cemetery was in 1723 when the Rev'd James Clack was buried just outside of the east wall of the Church. Mr. Clack arrived in Virginia in 1679 to become Rector of Ware Parish. During his tenure the present church was constructed. The location of his wife Jane's burial site is not known.

Since then more than eight hundred people have been buried in the church yard. As a result the cemetery has been expanded several times. In the early days a number of parishioners were buried around the church within the wall. Most people were buried in family cemeteries near their homes. A number of these grave stones were moved to Ware Church between the World Wars and may be found in the APVA section which is northwest of the main doors of the Church. Next, larger cemetery sections were laid out on the outside of the of the south and west church yard. A new section south of the crossover road was opened followed by the Memorial Garden and space around it.

Over the years the Cemetery and Grounds Committee of Ware Church has worked to maintain the country simplicity of a colonial church yard with native plants that accent the patina of the cemetery markers.

Through the efforts of Martha Brown and Monica Blackston, Ware Church has an excellent catalog of the various lots and the inscriptions on the stones. One only need visit www.warechurch.org and click the history button to access our searchable data base.

To purchase burial rights in the Cemetery, one must be a member of Ware Episcopal Church. Effective June 1, 2005, the fee for grave sites is $800.00. $150.00 is for the burial rights and $650.00 is for perpetual care. All fees are placed in the Ware Church Cemetery Fund whose proceeds are used for the maintenance of the cemetery and grounds.

To make a selection in the cemetery please telephone either the Church Office at 693-3821, Lee Brown at 693-3501 or Hugh Dischinger at 693-2171.


1. The Vestry of Ware Church shall have control of the Cemetery subject to the advice and recommendations of the Cemetery and Grounds Committee.

2. Members of Ware Church shall have the right to purchase burial rights in the Cemetery.

3. Burial lots which have heretofore been sold or assigned shall continue to belong to the family who acquired said lots. Remaining burial space in the lot may be assigned to a direct ancestor or a direct descendant or their spouses of the registered lot owner.  Rights to burial lots may be released upon notice from the original purchaser or all descendants, and the purchase cost for burial rights may be refunded to the original purchaser.  Any endowment associated with the purchase of burial rights is non-refundable but credited to the purchaser if new lots are acquired after old lots are released.

4. When burial lots are assigned the Treasurer of Ware Episcopal Church shall collect a fee, as set by the Vestry upon recommendation of the Cemetery and Grounds Committee, for the burial rights and endowment. This provision may only be waived by the Vestry in the event of hardship.

5. All coffins shall be buried in vaults or grave liners. Cremated remains shall be buried in a suitable stone, metal or wooden urn. A single grave plot, which measurers 5' by 10', shall contain one adult sized vault. A 5' by10' plot can contain the maximum of two cremation urns. A plot may contain one vault or grave liner and one cremation urn.

6. There shall be no Service of Committal in Ware Church Cemetery without notice to the Rector. The Rector shall preside at the burial of all members of Ware Church. Further, a member of the Christian clergy, subject to the approval of the Rector, shall preside at services for non-church members in the Cemetery.

7. Inscribed grave markers shall be required for every grave site within six months of burial. The Vestry of Ware Church shall have the right to approve or disapprove any inscription which would not be in character with a colonial church cemetery. These markers may be traditional or flush stones. Foot stones and/or lot markers, if used, must be mounted flush to the ground. All markers and stones shall be mounted on concrete bases and properly anchored. Each grave site in the Memorial Garden shall have a bronze marker measuring 10 by 14 inches mounted flush to the ground with proper anchors. These markers shall be ordered through the Church Office. Metal plates or other evidence of source of purchase are not permitted.

8. There shall be no artificial flowers or arrangements of any kind placed in the cemetery at any time. Live flowers, potted plants and floral arrangements may be placed on the grave sites or burial lots at any time, provided however, that the custodians of the Cemetery shall have the right to remove these items when they die or become unattractive. Glass containers shall not be used for floral arrangements. There shall be no grading, planting, landscape work, or improvements of any kind without the written authorization of the Cemetery and Grounds Committee.

9. Visitation in the Cemetery shall only be during the daylight hours. No one, including members of Ware Church, shall trespass in the cemetery after dark.

10. No stones, vaults, or remains shall be removed from the Cemetery or Memorial Garden without written permission of the Vestry of Ware Church or the issuance of a proper court order.

11. The Vestry of Ware Church may reclaim unused burial sites should there no longer be any member of the family who would use said lot. These reclaimed lots will be made available to members of Ware Church. Any funds realized from the remaining lots shall become part of the Cemetery endowment.

12. The Cemetery and Grounds Committee shall keep an updated map with lot assignments at the parish office.


1. Prior, to doing any work, grave servicing, stone setting, etc., funeral directors are requested to call the church office to prevent scheduling problems.

2. When opening graves or cremation sites excess earth shall be removed from church property by the funeral director. The burial vault top shall be a minimum of 18 inches below the surface.