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Map of the Cemetery

There are nearly a thousand burials and memorials in the cemetery of Ware Church. Finding one relies on a system of family lot numbers and geographic sections.

The low lot numbers are along the southern border of the cemetery, starting in the southwest corner and running east.
Then numbers increase from west to east as you move from row to row, south to north. The largest numbers are in the northernmost row, near the road entrance.

Click to view the map of lots with lot numbers (upper cemetery only).

Lots are assigned to sections this way:

APVA (within Northwest)     148-150, 156, 168, 162, 163
Northwest 153-166
West 110-115,121-153
Southwest 7-12, 22-26, 39-43, 55-60, 74-78, 92-96
South 13-16, 27-30, 44-48, 61-66, 79-84, 97-103
Southeast 500-799
Memorial Garden        300-499
Churchyard 211-299
Churchfloor 200-210


 Sections of the cemetery are shown in this map:


The oldest graves are under the Church floor, and inaccessible.

The next oldest graves are in the Churchyard, within the wall that surrounds the Church.

Tombstones that have been moved from family graveyards are in the APVA section, which is the northernmost part of the Northwest section.  A map of the APVA section [pdf] shows the location of each tombstone.